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An aging population is one of the most significant issues the city will have to face in the future and we are appealing for more donors to help in this area.  In the last year alone we gave out 73 grants to support the elderly in Leeds.

One of these grants went to Crossgates Good Neighbours, one of many small community groups which works with and for older people to reduce loneliness and isolation, support independence and promote a healthy lifestyle.

The picture shows Richard who has lived alone since his wife died in 1998.   He doesn’t find it easy to get around that much anymore, but a volunteer picks him up and drops him off every Wednesday so that he can have a good meal and socialise with friends at the Centre.  He says everybody at the centre works together to make it a positive place and that is why it is such an enjoyable place to be.  This is evident on the day we visited, as Richard is helping Moira, the centre manager, create a map for a presentation.

The Centre provides an extremely important lifeline for people, many of whom are living in isolation because of poor health.  The 16 activities which take place throughout the week are attended by 222 people in total, like Maureen Burroughs who tells us “She would be lost without it”.  Volunteers also make visits to those that are housebound during the year to provide a little company and a window to the world outside.

Please call us on 0113 242 2426 if you are interested in finding out more about work with the elderly.

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