RSM Leeds are running to raise money for The Leeds Fund

May 19, 2017

RSM Leeds are taking part in this year’s Leeds 10K Corporate Challenge to raise money for The Leeds Fund. Meet the runners and find out what motivates them to make it to the finish line…

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TomTom O’Reilly

  • Personal best: 50 minutes / target race time 49 minutes.
  • Post race reward: A lot of alcohol!
  • Motivations: To build on my time from last year and work towards running a half marathon.

FinlayFinlay Lamont

  • Personal best: TBC!
  • Post race reward: Undoubtedly, a large glass of wine and a takeaway of any description.
  • Motivations: To begin to reverse the effects of 2 years of very little serious exercise, find the fitness needed to get back into competitive rugby before it’s too late, and to help raise funds for an excellent and inspirational local charity.

RichardRichard Hartley

  • Personal best: 55:10 (but that was in the Abbey Dash, when it’s cooler).
  • Post race reward: If the last two years are anything to go by, probably a fry up at my local Morrisons.  Classy.
  • Motivation: To get round in a time that doesn’t cause me to be humiliated by the younger members of the corporate tax team.

Brian2Brain Tyrrell

  • Personal best: 51.13
  • Post-race reward: Feeling pleased to have done it while drinking a relaxing beer.
  • Motivations: To try to get as close as possible to my November PB in the heat of July after recovering from surgery, and part of ultimate aim to get to do a marathon.

JosephJoseph Neal

  • Target time: under 50 mins
  • Post-race reward: A large Domino’s pizza, washed down with a few beers.
  • Motivations: To improve my fitness while raising money for a good cause.


SheilaSheila Wood

  • Personal best: Just under the hour for the Abbey Dash, but that was a good few years ago and it was November, cold and wet, so the motivation to get done and get home, warm and dry was extremely strong.
  • Post-race reward: Definitely involves alcohol and cake.
  • Motivations: Having completed all the Leeds 10Ks, the motivation gets stronger each year that I can continue to run.  Corporate entries are great for the team support, and the opportunity to actually see the start line as the race commences.  Individual entries are great for the satisfaction of personal achievements.  The legacy of Jane Tomlinson will continue to inspire me to relieve friends, relatives, colleagues, even complete strangers, of their hard earned cash to support local charities.

LauraLaura Jarman

  • Personal best: 50.36
  • Post-race reward: A few drinks to celebrate.
  • Motivation: Improving my PB and raising money for a great cause.


 SimonSimon Jones

Have you taken part before?

I have actually been part of the RSM Leeds 10k team for the last two years. We have always managed to get a good number of people to enter, and this year we have a record 29 runners from all of our departments. Some of us have entered before, but we also have plenty of new runners who have never done this race or anything similar before.

  1. What got you thinking you wanted to take part?

I have always enjoyed running and have run since I was a teenager. The best thing about being part of the corporate challenge is that we have managed to get a lot of people who don’t run, or who run very little, to take part. It’s great to see colleagues get something out of a sport that has always given me a lot of enjoyment, and I know previously everyone has found the challenge very rewarding.

  1. Have you been training?

As a team, a few of us have recently started training along the canal after work. So if you see a large group of accountants running on a Monday night, that’s us! I know a lot of people have started doing their own training at home as well.

  1. What is RSM’s background when it comes to charitable giving?

RSM, both locally and nationally, is committed to charitable fundraising and we undertake a significant range of events and activities annually. As mentioned earlier, we have entered a team to the Leeds 10k for the last two years now to raise money for local charities. We also have series of charitable team challenges occurring this year and have a monthly dress down day, with all proceeds going to charities nominated by our staff.

  1. Why are you entering as a team?

The main reason for entering as a team is to help promote work and fitness in our office. It’s much easier to do a challenge like this with a group of people who can support and encourage each other. We had really positive feedback in the past that people have enjoyed being part of a team effort to get fit and raise money.

  1. Why are you supporting us?

Leeds Community Foundation is our main charity partner, so we will be doing various events throughout the year to support the work you do. We are pleased that we will be able to support a range of local causes for disadvantaged and vulnerable people.

  1. Why do you think its important for companies like RSM to give back to the community they are in?

We feel that it is our responsibly to give something back to the community we live in. We have over 250 staff in Leeds, many of whom call or have called Leeds their home. Being involved in raising money for initiatives like this will generate a strong sense of fulfilment, as we are able to see first-hand the benefits these projects bring to the local area.

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