100 Club feature: Mark Martin, Rabbit Hole

Apr 18, 2018

Mark Martin Rabbit Hole Agency

Mark Martin is a director of Leeds-based Rabbit Hole, a creative studio specialising in art direction, brand identity design and web development.

He is a member of the 100 Club, a patronage scheme for individuals who are motivated to make a difference in Leeds.

Here, he discusses what he loves about the city, and why he’s involved in the foundation.


What’s your favourite thing about Leeds? 

There’s a real independent and DIY spirit in Leeds. Since first moving to the city ten years ago I’ve seen the independent business sector grow and thrive. Now all the best food, drink, shopping and art comes from independents. Leading the way in food and drink we have Friends of Ham, Bundobust, The Reliance and North Bar. On the High Street we have success stories like Jumbo Records, OK Comics and Hip Store. And in entertainment and culture we have Transform Festival, Thought Bubble, Brudenell Social Club and the Hyde Park Picture House. To name only a few. Without these independent gems Leeds would (in my opinion) be a very boring place.


What would you change about the city? 

Not so much a change, but Leeds needs to continue pushing its status as one of the UK’s most exciting emerging Tech hubs. There’s so much potential there and I hope Leeds fulfils it.


Why did you decide to join the 100 Club? 

Leeds has done so much for our business. It’s provided us with amazing opportunities and a supportive network of incredible people. It’s a really great city to live in. When a city means so much to you you want to give something back. When we first met members of the 100 club we were really inspired. There was a genuine determination to make a real difference in areas that we really care about, such as mental health. It was something we immediately wanted to support and be involved in.


What community issues are important to you and/or your organisation?

Issues that are important to Rabbit Hole are homelessness in our city and support for mental health sufferers.


Find out more about the 100 Club or take a look at our current membership list.



Article originally featured in the monthly Leeds Community Foundation 100 Club feature in the Business Desk:

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