Localgiving.com is a unique national website that enables local community groups and charities to fundraise online and build up a network of donors and supporters.

  • A professional fund raising tool
  • A fresh approach to fund raising
  • A new way to connect with local supporters
  • Grow a vibrant community of supporters
  • Gift Aid from UK tax payers for community groups and registered charities

Registering on Localgiving.com gives local community organisations their own webpages  where they can receive and manage donations from new and existing supporters.

Leeds Community Foundation provides training and support for  groups to develop their on-line fund raising.  Guides, promotional tools and a dedicated Help Desk  are all part of Localgiving.com.

Donors are encouraged by the unique opportunity to support local groups working in local  communities and because all the groups and charities on Localgiving.com are validated, donors can give with confidence their donation is being used wisely and effectively.

Localgiving.com is an opportunity for local community organisations to find new supporters and become more visible in their communities.  Visit www.localgiving.com and see who is already online.

To get more information feel free to send an e-mail to Phil Pyatt or Chris Dormer or call 0300 111 2340.