Breaking the Cycle

LCF is proud of the work we do with “gritty groups” that address challenging and often complex social issues. These groups will tell you that their work is based in making real connections with people, giving them encouragement and a reason to trust those who want to help. While there is rarely a single answer, there are many simple actions that can make a real difference.

Breaking the cycle involves preventing and diverting people away from harmful lifestyles, which could include drug and alcohol abuse, prostitution and homelessness. For many, poverty also limits the choices they see everyday and so breaking the cycle also includes broadening horizons, learning new life skills, and social inclusion.

By donating today, you could help to:

  • Sustain the work of local community groups working with “street-workers”, or prostitutes, helping them to re-engage with society.
  • Fund intensive outreach programmes in local communities where drug and alcohol is a significant challenge.
  • Support a soup kitchen for homeless people in Leeds.
  • Provide funding for social enterprises that teach skills to those at the edges of society.


Donate to the support projects like these through the Leeds Breaking the Cycle Fund.
Success Stories: Find out about the some of the projects gifts like yours have already made happen.

If you have questions about how to give, what causes or groups to support, or developing your own goals for making a difference, please give us a call at 0113 242-2426 or contact us at