Caring for our donors













People, businesses and other charities give through us and benefit from our philanthropy advice, giving options and community knowledge. No matter what the size or type of gift you want to make, we will make sure your giving is rewarding, hassle-free and matches your wishes and means. We can accept eligible gifts of cash, shares and property and we can help you give time and expertise. We guarantee we will never share your details with anyone else unless you ask us to.

We like to keep our donors up to date with our work and share our gratitude with them. To keep administration costs to a minimum and ensure we make the biggest possible impact with your donations, donors who give under £100 receive a personal thank you message by email.

To ensure our major donors are well informed we offer a range of additional updates:

  • regular updates on our work and the impact of your support
  • invitations to exclusive events
  • opportunity to meet with our community groups
  • publically thanked through key communication