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Leeds Community Foundation focuses on providing grants to groups operating in the more deprived areas of the city.  We work closely with public sector bodies such as Leeds City Council and play a key role in helping to shape change locally.  We understand the city’s needs and focus on the areas of most disadvantage.  We have first-hand experience of local issues and, in particular, the work of the community groups and charities that are helping to provide innovative solutions to tackle them.

We have produced a series of research reports to further explain the areas of need in the city and help people to under how their donations can make the greatest impact.

Front cover CYP

Children and Young People

Every child deserves the best start in life and a chance to fulfill their potential. This report specifically focuses on the needs of young people in the city looking at issues such as NEET, poverty and substance misuse.

Your donation could help to fund: sports classes to help build self-confidence, counselling for children suffering from domestic violence and adventure training to give training to teenage peer mentors.


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BC Front coverBreaking the Cycle

We are proud of work we do with “gritty groups” that tackle challenging and often complex social issues. This report looks at ‘breaking the cycle’ by preventing and diverting people away from harmful lifestyles, which could include domestic violence, prostitution and homelessness.

Your donation could help to fund: a range of projects including intensive outreach programmes in local communities where drug and alcohol is a significant challenge, or work with “street-workers”, or prostitutes, helping them to re-engage with society.


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Front cover Health & WellbeingHealth and Wellbeing

A healthy lifestyle helps to build healthy communities.  This report looks at the issues effecting local people’s health and wellbeing  and the need for proactive as well as reactive solutions.

Your donation could help to fund: healthy lunches for older people who may be housebound or socially isolated; give a weekend respite break to a young carer or support a group project that teaches healthy eating and lifestyle choices.


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FC Older peopleOlder People

Old age is not in itself a form of disadvantage but, when accompanied by poverty, ill health and isolation, it gives rise to a distinct set of needs which need to be addressed. This report explore these needs and provides examples of how they can be addressed.

Your donation could help to fund: a yearly support group to assist carers, provide winter duvets to help older people to keep warm or provide nutritious food boxes.


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