Health and Wellbeing

We believe that everyone in Leeds should have the opportunity to participate in our community and that a healthy lifestyle helps to build healthy communities. Support community groups that focus on nurturing mental, physical and social wellbeing in vulnerable groups of all ages.

Leeds Health and Wellbeing Fund Brochure

By donating today, you could help to:

  • Provide a friendly, healthy lunch programme for older people who may be housebound or socially isolated.
  • Give a weekend respite break to a carer (someone who cares for a disabled family member). In many families, children help to care for a parent or sibling, on top of their work at school.
  • Nurture a child who is emotionally recovering from homelessness, or domestic violence.
  • Support a group project that teaches healthy eating and lifestyle choices in an area where takeways and poor diets are the norm.

Donate to support projects like these through the Leeds Health and Wellbeing Fund.
Success Stories: Find out about the some of the projects gifts like yours have made happen.

If you have questions about how to give, what causes or groups to support, or developing your own goals for making a difference, please give us a call at 0113 242-2426 or contact us at