Pledge Wall

Help us grow our pledge wall and join the other individuals and businesses who have already pledged to support the LCF Birthday Challenge. Pledge and donate today! 


YORKSHIRE EVENING POST- Pledge to host a series of Voices in Leeds’ Summits to raise awareness of the needs

–PRESTON BAKER–Pledge to promote the work of LCF and the 100 Club in their Hot Property newsletter 

-SYNERGY -PROCUREMENT LTD Pledge to donate 10% of the fees from those mentioning LCF 

-UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS -Pledge to recruit students to produce films about the work of LCF and the local community 

-KEVIN O’CONNOR -Pledges to recruit five new 100 Club members to join and support the work of the Foundation

THE WORKS SKATEPARK Pledge to host donor site visits to show the impact LCF can have on local projects

LCF CEO, SALLY-ANNE -Pledges to celebrate her birthday by donating £50 each month to local community projects

–ANONYMOUS DONOR- Pledges our first donation to the LCF Birthday Impact Fund of a very generous £5000

SIMON DEWHURST PHOTOGRAPHY -Pledge to help raise awareness of LCF challenge by taking photos of birthday event

BW LEGAL- Pledge to support the work of the Foundation by joining our patronage scheme the 100 Club

LOUISE MEGSON -Pledges to join Sally-Anne by donating monthly to support the work of local community groups

THE UNIVERSITY OF LAW – Pledge to nominate LCF as our charity for 2014/15 student fundraising activities

RACHEL HANNAN – Pledges to donate £200 instead of sending Christmas cards to clients, family and friends!

SEAGULLS- Pledge to spread the word about LCF through their social media, press and website channels!

VIV HULLAND – Pledges to organise a fundraising event to raise money for LCF and raise awareness of the issues

MR & MRS COMFORTABLY-RETIRED-BABY-BOOMERS – Pledge to give their winter fuel allowance

PAULA DILLON OF BOND DICKINSON – Pledges to introduce five potential 100 Club members in the next six months

BLACK HEALTH INITIATIVE- Pledges to work with LCF to become increasingly inclusive to minority communities

-PAFRAS LEEDS – Pledge to invite LCF guests & donors to visit the project to learn more about their work and have lunch

FIRST BUS WEST YORKSHIRE – Pledge to spread the word about LCF to help promote awareness of our role

LEEDS LAW SOCIETY – Have selected LCF as their President’s Charity for 2015 and will be hosting fundraising activities

BURMANTOFTS SENIOR ACTION- Pledge to help raise the profile of LCF by spreading the word about their LCF grants

ELLIOTT TURNBULL – Pledges to offer advice & share his experience with start up social enterprises & charities

LASSN- Pledges to help LCF make its work & commitment to BME people of Leeds more visible

SENSORY LEEDS – Pledges to spread the word about the help & support they have received from LCF

GENESIS/ BASIS LEEDS – Pledge to host donor visit to give people a greater insight into the impact of their work

ANDREW BURTON Pledges to donate his winter fuel allowance to support the LCF Birthday Impact Fund.

RACHEL HANNAN – pledges to donate £5,000 to a social enterprise that makes a real difference to those who need support

BARBARA GREAVES Pledges to introduce five new people to the 100 Club and the work of the Foundation.

RICHARD NORTON- Pledges to donate monthly to support the LCF Breaking the Cycle fund

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