In their own words . . .

From Individual Donors

Liz donates £10 a month by direct debit to support our work with children and young people.  She says “I wanted to make a difference in Leeds but just didn’t know what to do.  I trust the Foundation to use my money wisely and, whilst my contribution might not seem very much, when added to £10 given by lots of other people, I know it will build up to have a much greater impact.”
Liz, Donor

Jimi Heselden, OBE played an active and enthusiastic role in selecting the projects that inspired him most. Jimi’s spirit of giving lives on in the community projects that he supported, and the many lives that he touched. When asked why he gave, he simply said I have made a lot of money in business, and have done well. I feel I have a duty to give something back to people who have not been as fortunate as I have. It makes me happy to see that I can help others.”
Jim Heselden, Founder, Hesco Bastion

“I decided to set up the 100 Club to contribute to the success of the Foundation as I believe their work is absolutely critical to the city of Leeds. If we are ever to narrow the gap between successful individuals & companies and seriously deprived communities, we need to work together to make a difference. By becoming a member of the 100 Club you can not only gain a real understanding of the scale and nature of the need but also genuinely contribute to a lasting solution.”
Jonathan Morgan, Morgans City Living, founder of 100 Club

From Corporates

“What I love about the Leeds Community Foundation is that they are not cause-specific, they are Leeds-specific. Whether your interest is in old or young people, knife crime or healthy living, South Leeds or East Leeds, the Foundation will be able to find some amazing community groups that, with your financial support, can have a really significant impact on the lives of Leeds people, right here on our doorstep.”
Paula Dillon, Partner, Bond Dickinson.

International Personal Finance (IPF) set up a Personal Fund with the Foundation in 2008 with some specific areas of interest. One of them is helping disadvantaged people into work through skills development and training. Canopy was one of the projects to benefit from their fund this year. “We were delighted to support Canopy with a £2,500 grant as we were impressed with the work they do around providing support for volunteers not only helping them develop experience in a range of construction skills, but ultimately providing them with a home as well.”
John Mitra, Group Corporate Affairs Director, International Personal Finance.

“What we loved about Change Leeds Week was that it was really easy to take part in and we knew that every pound we raised would stay in the City so we can see, at first hand, the results of our efforts.”
Sue Ansbro, Planning & Design Director White Young Green

From Trusts and Foundations

“Many thanks for all the work you do for us in Leeds. We do support some excellent projects and, at the same time, some quite remarkable people.”
Amelia Fitzalan-Howard, Head of Grants, Henry Smith Charity

From the Public Sector

“The Leeds Community Foundation has worked enthusiastically, professionally and effectively to deliver a brilliant programme of funding into deprived neighbourhoods and to vulnerable groups.”
Norma Thompson, NHS Leeds, Health Inequalities Manager