Time to Shine Small Funds

BIG TTS logo for online applicationThe Small Funds Programme has been established to help third-sector groups develop ways of reducing loneliness and isolation and strengthen communities benefiting older people defined as over 50 years of age.

There will be a total of 12 rounds with different themes each round.

Round Theme
There are two themes for Round Six: Transport (relaunch) and Open.

TRANSPORT: Transport is crucial in addressing and overcoming social isolation for many older people. The Age Friendly Charter for Leeds identified the importance of “affordable and accessible transport to go locally and beyond, so as not to feel trapped at home.” Transport is therefore important to older people from both a practical perspective of being able to carry out necessary tasks (such as shopping and appointments) and a wellbeing perspective in providing a sense of independence and freedom.

We are seeking projects which will support  independence and freedom through sustainable transport models.

Please note the fund is not able to cover costs of purchasing or running minibuses – we are seeking sustainable projects that will be able to continue beyond the 12 months of funded activity.

OPEN: Time to Shine Small Funds wants to be responsive to the needs that groups are aware of in Leeds, we have included this Open round to give applicants a wider opportunity to seek Time to Shine Small Funds.

As an example, previously funded projects have included a breakfast café for older isolated men, a befriending project for older isolated people living with dementia and a postcard writing project linking isolated older people with new friends around the world using a combination of IT and traditional writing methods.

But we want to hear from you on what need you want to address in this round.


You can apply as a local organisation for awards of between £5,000 and £10,000

Closing Date
Wednesday 10th January 2018 – at 12noon. We aim to inform all applicants whether they have been funded by week commencing 16th February 2018.

Fund Criteria
Before applying, please read the Fund Criteria here.

To Apply
Please ensure that you meet the Fund Criteria (see above). The online application form can be accessed here.

Further Information
For further information on Out of the Shadows: Time to Shine please visit: timetoshineleeds.org
Click here to read the recent report on the Age Friendly Charter for Leeds
Click here for the Age Friendly Charter for Leeds

Future Rounds
The criteria of each round changes based on different themes.

The Theme for the Next Round – Round 7 – will be: Open

Round One focused on Dementia and Carers, Round Two on Men, Round Three on Communication, Round Four on Relationships and Round Five on Transport.


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