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Research shows that there is a growing interest amongst wealthy people and businesses in wanting to learn more about philanthropy and effective charitable giving.

We don’t profess to be expert advisors in legal or financial issues, but we are experts about charitable giving, community needs, and finding or creating effective solutions that have the greatest impact.  That is why working alongside professional advisors is a key part of what we do, marrying our expertise with yours, to provide a fully inclusive service to clients.


Benefits to your clients

  • Hassle Free – we provide a simple and personal service that means clients are free to take decisions about their investment, and enjoy seeing the impact of their grant-making.
  • Knowledgeable – we have excellent knowledge of community needs and can match your clients’ interests to local groups and initiatives.
  • We encourage clients to take the decisions – we encourage full involvement in all decision-making so the choice of who to fund, and how much to give, remains with them.
  • Tax-efficient – as a registered charity we are an ideal vehicle for all methods of tax-effective giving and can help reduce the post-tax cost of a gift.
  • Transparent – we are open about our management grants and agree them, up front, with individual donors and supporters. Initial meetings and exploratory discussions are always free.



The following resources provide further information on the areas where we can support your clients:


For more information please contact Matthew Roberts by email or call us on 0113 242 2426