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It is estimated that of the 75% of the population who give to charity, only 7% leave a gift in their Will, mostly to large well-known charities. This means that local grass-roots charities are generally overlooked, despite the vital role they play in transforming the lives of those in need in our communities.

The Leeds Fund is giving people the option to leave a gift to their local community and provide a vital long-term source of funding for community groups.

Big or small, your gift will make a difference to the people who need it most in Leeds
To make a donation now, for more information about us or to talk through other ways of giving please visit our website, email us or call us for a chat:
e: t: 0113 242 2426

 Together we aim to create a city of opportunity for all.


Not sure you need a will, read on for Ison Harrison’s top 10 reasons for getting a will:

  1. Make sure that the people you want to inherit do inherit.
  2. Make sure that the people you don’t want to inherit don’t inherit.
  3. Avoid Inheritance Tax.
  4. Avoid Nursing Home fees.
  5. Make sure, by the appropriate use of trusts, that the right people control your money so that beneficiaries don’t fritter away what you have worked for.
  6. Provide for vulnerable beneficiaries such as disabled children.
  7. Avoid arguments and expensive court proceedings after you have gone.
  8. Make sure your ex doesn’t receive or control your estate.
  9. Give you peace of mind (and stop people like us telling you need a will).

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Ison Harrison