Big Change Leeds Fund

Grant size: Up to £2,500

Location: Leeds

Deadline: 22/08/2019 at 12 noon

Big Change Leeds Fund


Currently in Leeds, the number of people presenting as homeless, rough sleeping or in need is on the rise in the city centre. This is a complex issue which no one organisation or individual can resolve in isolation.

Big change Leeds is a positive alternative giving campaign designed to question behaviours and raise awareness of alternative ways to help to people in need on the street of Leeds city centre, by donating on online.  

The main aims of the campaign are to:

  • Utilise the strong economy and compassion of Leeds as a city
  • Educate the public to change behaviours
  • Generate new support and money to allow existing organisations to provide additionality within their services
  • Raise money for those in genuine need
  • Remove on street presentation of individuals
  • Focus on delivering outcomes for the individuals in direct need
  • Utilises best practice with potential to develop a national network

Through Big Change Leeds we want to ensure all organisations and individuals, including members of the public are working together, towards the same agenda of tackling the issues we face on the streets of Leeds.

Ensuring everyone has access to the same level of information regarding available services and ways in which they can directly help, will help the city start to make a lasting change.

These grants will support the work of the city wide initiative Big Change Leeds which raises awareness, money and support to people in need on the streets, of Leeds, through an online portal called Street Support.


Who can apply?

Community groups, charities, social enterprises or other charitable organisations from the third sector that:

  • Have a constitution or other relevant governance document
  • Have a management committee/board of directors/trustees of at least three unrelated people
  • Have a bank account under the name of the group with at least two unrelated signatories (if your organisation doesn’t have its own bank account, but does meet all of the other criteria, please contact us to discuss how we can work around this)
  • Benefit people in Leeds city centre

 All applicants need to be signed up to Leeds Homeless Charter and registered with Street Support to be considered for funding. Sign up for Street support here:


Size of Grant

Grants of up to £2,500 are available. Whilst the grant can be used to part-fund a wide range of activities, we like to see the impact our support is having.


When can you apply?

 The deadline to apply is 12 noon on 22/08/2019. Funding will be awarded in October 2019.

What can the Fund support?

Grants will be awarded to community groups and charities working with individuals in or displaced from the city centre to provide additional practical support and tangible benefits to directly help individuals, allowing people to feel safe and get the support they need, for long lasting change. Grants spend should support tangible items, this might include:

  • Support to secure and/ or maintain housing (including utilities, top ups for electric meters, small household items – electric blankets, heaters)
  • Clothing or haircuts for interviews or access to opportunities
  • Transport to interviews or appointments
  • New starter home kits (including clothing and bedding)
  • Phone top up to enable communication



Grants will not be awarded to or for:

  • Organisations or activity based outside Leeds
  • For-profit organisations, statutory organisations (e.g. schools and hospitals) or overseas organisations
  • Retrospective funding (activity and costs that have already taken place)
  • Grant-making to other organisations and/or individuals
  • Any organisation facilitating on street living with purchase and supply of tents and/or sleeping bags and on-street food distribution


What we need from you?

 Recipients will be required to:

  • Complete an ongoing online spreadsheet, on a weekly basis, to provide a live update on expenditure and impact stories from people supported.
  • Engage with LeedsBID to provide stories that will be used to further promote the campaign and raise more funds for future grants.
  • Attend post funding feedback session with other successful applicants


To Apply

Click the Apply Now button on the left hand side for the online application form.

If you post documents to us, please send them to the address below, using the correct postage amount, and ensure the documents are received by us before 12 noon on Thursday 22 August 2019. Funding allocated should be spent within 12 months of receipt.  If you require more information about this fund please contact Leeds Community Foundation on 0113 242 2426 or email

A PDF of this information is available to download here.