Bradford Healthy Holidays Grants

Grant size: Up to £6,000

Location: Bradford 

Deadline: 23/01/2020 at 12 noon

Bradford Healthy Holidays Grants


We are seeking to fund projects that address Holiday Hunger in Bradford through promoting Healthy Holiday activities with a food component for school-aged young people. This Fund will provide grants of up to £6,000 to support locally-based community activities across Bradford. Projects should be delivered in the most deprived areas of the city and should prioritise children who are eligible for free school meals. We are keen to receive applications from a diverse range of organisations.

We are working hard to grow the funds available; we currently have £95,000 secured, but may have as much as £630,000 to distribute.

We know that almost 44,000 children live in poverty in Bradford; over 18% of secondary school pupils in Bradford are eligible for free school meals; one in four parents skip a meal so that their children can eat during the school holidays. We know that returning to school in poor physical and mental condition can have a detrimental impact on children’s mental and physical wellbeing, as well as their educational attainment.


What we are seeking to fund

  • Third sector groups or organisations as the main applicant, however partnerships with libraries, schools or public health bodies are welcome and actively encouraged.  Projects that consist of activities (e.g. craft, sport, dance etc.) which offer food to attendees.
  • Applications focused on areas of greatest need and children who are eligible for free school meals.
  • Activity must be delivered in the summer holidays, and may also cover the Easter, spring, and /or October holidays
  • Based on national evidence of what is effective, some larger groups may wish to consider delivery of at least 4 hours a day, 4 days a week, for at least 4 weeks of the summer holiday but we understand that many schemes, especially those newer to this area, may only cover part of those periods.
  • Based on LCF’s own learning, we would encourage groups to consider the following:
    • Co-ordinating provision with other local groups to ensure more comprehensive local coverage, particularly during the summer holidays (when grants are awarded, LCF will support groups to connect to local Community Hubs and school provision as well where possible)
    • Cookery activities that improve the skills and understanding of local families to make affordable, healthy meals, and introducing children and young people to new flavours and foods
    • Connecting families to relevant support services locally

We will prioritise applications which use food ingredients or meals sourced though food redistribution schemes wherever possible, such as Innchurches Storehouse, FareShare or similar sources, but also local shops /food suppliers. We recognise that there is a cost involved in sourcing ingredients or meals through food redistribution sources, and these costs should be included in the amount you apply for. You will need to allow time to apply to access these services. Groups who are buying food rather than using food redistribution sources will be expected to explain why they’re not using these sources. More details are available on the LCF website.

We want to encourage healthy food, including food which mirrors the school food standards. The food should be provided free at point of access but if an applicant feels it is appropriate, there could be an optional contribution on a pay-as-you-feel basis. Food options can include: cooking on site; hot food delivery; packed lunches; cook, share and eat; or a combination of these. Evidence of staff/volunteers holding Level 2 Food Hygiene and food allergy certificates will be required. Support to attain these is available for funded projects.

Activities can be provided for children and young people, or for families, depending on what you understand will best meet the needs of your local community, but we encourage physical activities and accessible sports, for which support and training is also available through our partnership with Street Games.  If you do not have staff or space for specific activities that would enhance you offer, we can help to signpost you to providers who can deliver sessional activities for you, and you can include their costs in your application.

It’s important to us that you involve your community in the design, development and delivery of the activities you’re planning. We feel that your project or activity will be more successful as a result.  We are keen to see applications which bring people together and build strong relationships in and across communities.


Applications can include

  • Staff costs and volunteer expenses for planning and admin; food preparation; shopping time and travel
  • Reasonable venue costs
  • Costs associated with sourcing ingredients or meals through Storehouse, Fareshare or similar sources
  • Some food costs to supplement food provided through Storehouse, Fareshare or similar sources
  • Modest capital items required to deliver the project e.g. small items of catering or sports equipment but not larger items such as computers



  • Applicants need to be voluntary or community groups, charities or not-for-profit social enterprises
  • Grants can be used to extend a current scheme / project or introduce a new idea / activity but not used to duplicate funding an already funded activity
  • Projects must benefit school-aged residents of Bradford (Bradford Metropolitan District Boundaries)
  • Grants can be used to extend a current scheme / project or introduce a new idea / activity but not used to duplicate funding an already funded activity
  • Consideration will be given to organisations offering multiple projects in a number of locations
  • Successful applicants will be expected to attend networking events and participate in training
  • Successful applicants will be expected to attend networking events and may be asked to participate in training
  • A Level 2 Food Hygiene certificate is required.  Support and training will be available
  • A Safeguarding Children policy and appropriate processes must be in place. Support and training will be available.
  • A completed Healthy Holidays Scheme Summary Sheet must be submitted with your application


We are not able to fund the following:

  • Individuals, statutory organisations  or commercial entities (though schools, libraries or other statutory organisations are encouraged as partners where the grant recipient is a third sector organisation)
  • Trips or activities based outside Bradford other than single day events as part of a wider scheme.
  • Activity that’s purely about research, though evaluation of the proposed activity can be funded
  • Retrospective funding


Applicants must be able to show that they are addressing the need in their community and that there is demand for their services.  We are keen to support projects which are proactive and work with other organisations to refer and signpost to enable people to access a wider range of services.



The deadline for applications is Thursday 23 January 2020 at 12 noon. We aim to inform successful applicants by 16 March 2020. Funding allocated should be spent by 13 November 2020.



Click the Apply Now button to the left of this page to apply.

Give Bradford is managed by Leeds Community Foundation. If you have any queries about the programme, or would like advice as to whether or not your project might be eligible, please contact Leeds Community Foundation on 0113 242 2426 or email


Application documents

You must complete these and submit this with your application:

  • Healthy Holidays Scheme Summary Sheet
  • List of names of Board Members and CEO or equivalent
  • Income and expenditure: audited or examined accounts for last financial year
  • Governance document (e.g. constitution, memorandum or set of rules)
  • Your safeguarding or child protection policy


Resources for information on accessing food through Storehouse in Bradford – for more information on accessing food through FareShare – for more information on Street Games, who can provide training – for more information on safeguarding through Bradford Safeguarding Children Board – for more information on Feeding Bradford, a network of over 40 organisations committed to ending local food poverty, piloted by Wellsprings Together Bradford



A PDF of this information is available to download here.

A guidance document with some things to think about for your project is available here.