Getting out and about: Luv2MeetU

Luv2MeetU, part of the national charity Hft, is a friendship and dating agency for adults with a learning disability and was recently awarded a Leeds Fund #GiveLoveLeeds grant by LCF.

Sharon Kennedy from Luv2MeetU shares more about this vital service and how the Foundation has provided support.


What’s the most rewarding moment you’ve had?

We’ve had many fabulous moments, but if I had to pick one it would be meeting John*, a 50 year old man with a learning disability who had previously separated from his wife and was pretty isolated.

He had never been 10 pin bowling (though always wanted to) and through Luv2MeetU was able to attend his first game.

John made new friends despite his nervousness and won the game with the whole group cheering him on. He almost burst with pride and the look on his face was just awesome.

It can be difficult to make new friends if you have a learning disability. That’s why Luv2meetU is so important as it allows members to get out and make friends in a safe environment.


What difference has Leeds Community Foundation’s Leeds Fund grant made?

Since receiving the funds from LCF we’ve been able to increase the number of events we run and members who are able to attend in Leeds. These events include trips to members’ favourite restaurants, an outdoor film showing, a farm trip, craft classes, single mingle nights – the list goes on and on!


Why are services like yours so important?

Before Luv2MeetU there were very few opportunities for people with learning disabilities to come together and socialise.

We help people with learning disabilities widen their circle of friends and develop relationships – helping to combat isolation, loneliness and improve overall health and wellbeing.


*Some names have been changed