100 Club: Meet Mark from University of Bradford

Mark S Garrett is the Director of External Affairs at University of Bradford and recently joined our GiveBradford 100 Club, a supporters scheme for individuals and businesses who are motivated to make a difference across Bradford and Leeds, 

Here, he discusses what he loves about Bradford, and why the University of Bradford is involved with GiveBradford and the 100 Club.

What is your favourite thing about Bradford? 

I first moved to Bradford in June 2013 and admit to initially not knowing much about the City and District at all. However, I quickly became an adopted Bradfordian! The rich and diverse nature of what Bradford has to offer is unparalleled, from the rolling countryside to its fantastic architecture in the City Centre, and its sporting and industrial heritage, the diversity in Bradford is truly unique and this is what makes it a fantastic place to live and work. I now call Bradford home! 

 What’s your ideal day out in Bradford?

There are so many things to do in Bradford that this is not a simple question to answer. I’m a keen football fan so try and take in matches at Bradford Park Avenue and Bradford City when I’m not watching my beloved Birmingham City. I live in East Morton, so do a lot of walking in the area. And of course, we have such an amazing cultural offering, so Theatre in the Mill and the Bradford Literature Festival will always feature. 

What is the best lesson you have learnt in business?

In my 30 years in senior management across a range of sectors, what has stood me well is being honest and transparent with your staff. If they see that and feel empowered in decision making, you get amazing results. 

What single thing do you think could help the city?

Bradford needs to work together to achieve success and drive forward a positive agenda for change. Raising the aspirations of the City’s young people, encouraging an enterprising spirit and helping them to achieve to their full potential can only be done if the businesses and leading organisations in the City work together to do this. I also believe that our ever expanding creative and cultural offering will contribute massively in the coming years. 

What inspired you to join the 100 Club?

As a University, we believe that one of our key roles is to serve the community in which we’re based. Give Bradford and it’s 100 Club members are working together to reach those who are most in need throughout our City and District and we’re happy to be part of something that is driving such a positive force for good and helping to contribute towards social justice. It will hopefully encourage our new graduates to put social enterprise at the heart of their thinking as they move into the world of work 

What community issues are important to you?

Bradford has one of the youngest populations in the UK, therefore the future of Bradford’s young people is central to what we, as a University, support. Through our schools outreach programme, we are working to help young people understand what it means to get a University degree and, in turn, helping them to understand that it is something they can strive towards. Encouraging our students to play an active role in community development is critical in ensuring we have a vibrant, connected and integrated society 

This article was originally published in TheBusinessDesk.com