Adult Education in Castleford

Providing Adult Education to the Castleford community

Leeds Community Foundation are very proud to support the Castleford Community Learning Centre (CCLC). Formed in the aftermath of the Miners’ Strike of 1984/95, CCLC provides adult education opportunities to the Castleford community; offering courses covering a wide range of differing interests and needs. CCLC is an example of how communities can support themselves and is a shining testament to the people of Castleford, Julie Cook from the charity tells us more…


What does the Castleford Community Learning Centre project involve?

CCLC provides a pathway into education and employment for those in the community with few alternatives and serves as a hub for community led activities like family history, sugar-craft, aromatherapy etc. We provide free entry level lT and basic skills classes to enable digitally or educationally excluded learners to engage with the online environment and compete in the job market, as well as offering one to one tuition on smart devices. Additionally we host a number of external services which offer the community professional advice on; mental health, addiction, vocational training and recently published a book commemorating our 30th anniversary.


Why is this kind of support so vital?

No one else in the area offers free access to basic digital inclusion skills, if they offer it at all. The modern world is online and digital but there are still a significant number of people who lack the skills or confidence to engage with it effectively. As time goes on, this will increasingly exclude them from many essential services, the social environment and the job market.

Digital exclusion is the 21st century’s illiteracy, your support enables a locally unique service to go some way toward mitigating this for the community and wider area.


Could you share a rewarding moment you’ve had so far?

It is always gratifying to be told by a learner that you have helped them in some small way but occasionally we are able to make a real difference to an individual’s situation. One such learner came to us seeking to return to employment after a long break due to serious illness and depression, lacking even basic lT skills and visibly anxious. After a time their confidence and skills improved to such a degree that they were able to start their own small business, including designing their own business cards and are now too busy to attend classes.


What difference has the funding from the Foundation made? 

The Funding from Henry Smith Charity has been a life-saver for Castleford Community Learning Centre and the people who benefit from the centre’s work.

lt has provided us with essential funding to pay the bills and keep the centre going, which, in turn, has enabled us to continue providing our wide-ranging, training courses and Iearning opportunities for the people of Castleford. As a result, not only will the Learning Centre continue to thrive, but hundreds of local people each year will be able to learn new skills, progress onto higher level training and education, or move into employment or self-employment.


For more information about the Castleford Community Learning Centre, you can visit their website here.