Healthy Holidays Project Provides New Experiences

Hyde Park Source works with people from disadvantaged communities across Leeds, with the aims of improving their health, skills, knowledge and cohesion within their community. Through Healthy Holidays funding, their project encouraged the children of Cross Green to become enthused about healthy lunches by providing hands-on ‘Cook & Eat’ sessions, as well as related gardening and outdoor activities.


  • In a nutshell, could you tell us what your Leeds Community Foundation funded project involves?

We have received funding to run a holiday club based around healthy eating, funded through the Healthy Holidays fund. This was aimed at children who live in Cross Green.  The project encouraged the children to make
lunch for themselves by harvesting and preparing fresh fruits and vegetables from the community garden.


  • Why is this kind of support so vital, what’s the need and what might be the situation if the support you offer didn’t exist?

Lots of families’ struggle to feed their kids during the school holidays and to keep them busy and entertained. This project met all these needs for two days a week during the summer holidays. We provided healthy meals, which the kids help to cook as well as lots of fun activities in the community garden.


  • Could you share a rewarding moment you’ve had so far? Is there a particular story you could share from a beneficiary you’ve helped?

The sessions were so much about the kids (and parents) putting themselves out of their comfort zones and trying new activities, meeting new people and enhancing their social skills. For example, encouraging turn taking and setting tables. The project helped create more understanding about the importance of working together on a shared experience. Also, by trying something new they feel proud and they learn so many important life skills.


  • What made you apply for a Foundation grant, what difference has the funding from the Foundation made

Loads of kids were turning up to our regular community garden group and we did not have the staff or resources to look after them and provide activities for them. Having this funding has enabled us to run a project that is focused on the kids who live in this area, where there is a real lack of provision for young people, especially during the holidays.