Meet Aaron

“I took weekly lessons in Digital Music Production here at SORM. That’s how I go to know the place. I edited a few videos and now I volunteer editing videos, blogs, promos and any social media activities. It was always something I wanted to get into and SORM was able to give me the opportunity. I was also involved in the drama brunch club and acting in the film. I had done some performing arts previously, but with the film I was able to get involved with a lot of different activities. 

It was really nice working with the cast. The group itself comprised of members of the LGBT+ community. Not only that, it was important to include those characters in the film and be inclusive of everyone. It promoted the LGBT+ community. Hopefully helping people become more aware. These are characters which aren’t often portrayed anywhere else.”


SORM (School of Rock and Media) uses music and multimedia as a tool to empower young people, building vital skills, heightening aspirations and tackling disengagement. With support from GiveBradford they developed  a piece of theatre, which involved young people working in creative ways to address the needs and voices of the LGBT+ community.