Meet Arran

“When I was about ten, Chapel FM came and did an event at my school. I was one of the first participants on their next-Gen course.  It was an opportunity for me to get a taste of everything they did; from music to creative writing and of course, making radio shows.  We had a caravan we used to tour and record in. 

“At the time, the chapel was in a bad state; it was starting to decay.  The idea was put forward to renovate it for a community space.  It’s given young adults opportunities which aren’t available in school.  To see it go from a caravan parked at the back of a supermarket to what Chapel FM is now, has been an amazing journey and I’m excited for the new opportunities the space we’re expanding into may bring.”

“The biggest change for me has been my self-confidence.  I’ve studied drama and theatre.  Put me on a stage in front of thousands of people, I am fine, if I am in a room with someone I do not know then that is when I would struggle.  But the fact that I can do a radio show and talk to people now, is a huge improvement.  It’s made me comfortable with who I am.”

Chapel FM is a community arts organisation based in Seacroft that uses the arts to inspire individuals and communities in order to improve potential and achievement. Funding from the Pears Youth Fund allowed them to provide young people with the opportunity to produce their own radio show talking about issues and topics relevant to them such as mental health, healthy living and identity.