Meet Ben

“I’d just left my job as a lifeguard. I wasn’t looking to go into another job which I didn’t enjoy. The whole process of applying and going for interviews was overwhelming. There was a massive fear of applying for a job, going to an interview and not getting it. I had lost a lot of confidence as a result. 

When I saw the Nu Futures programme advertised on social media, it looked really interesting.  I liked the sports aspect of it, as I’m really into my rugby and football.  My situation was different from a lot of others on the programme.  I was capable and ready to work, I just needed support in other areas. 

Being on the course helped me to gain my self-confidence back. I would speak out in groups more. That was a massive thing which I didn’t expect. I realised I could be personable and speak to different people.   

I eventually decided to apply for the Royal Navy.  It was something I’d always been interested in and it seemed like the ideal opportunity.  I had gained all these skills and it helped in the application process and having something to aim for really helped.” 


Sport Works Yorkshire harness the power of sport and exercise to help adults and children to develop their confidence, self-esteem and overall health. With Leeds Community Foundation support, they provided their ‘Nu Futures’ programme, which engagelearners through physical activity, improving their confidence and employability skills.