Meet Casey

“I come to Eccleshill every day if I can. I usually come on my bike. At the moment I love playing on the trampoline, I’m learning how to do different flips! But I like everything about this place: the big swing, the jumping tower and the den.We get to build things now and again. It was my cousin’s idea to make a den, it turned out to be quite popular. Lots of us used it as a hiding place when we played games and it was up for over two years. I’m proud of the den we built.

I love coming here. I’ve told people at school about this place and I advise them to come. It’s a lot more fun than people usually think: there’s lots of equipment to go on. I’d be very upset if this place got taken down. I’m not one of those kids that will sit on their phones: I prefer to be outdoors. It’s quite boring at home otherwise. This is my second home.”


Eccleshill Adventure Playground provides open access adventure play for children and young people from the age of 5 years. Through GiveBradford funding, they were able to continue to provide new and exciting play opportunities for children and young people.