Meet Eisha

“We moved to Bradford about five years ago. It was a big change from London.  I felt isolated and felt there was nowhere for me to go, or go with. There were activities but not very constructive. I realised that I needed a positive environment around me.

My husband works away so I’m left looking after my three children, so it’s great that we have this group we can come to. I love it here; playing with my children in a constructive environment. The group staff are full of energy; they’re positive, they smile and are very welcoming.

These groups have helped immensely with my children. Especially my daughter who had delayed speech, she was shy and wouldn’t speak. Through these activities she has gained so much confidence.  It’s helped me control her behaviour. You can’t imagine the change it brings into my family and the change it brings to everyone else who comes.  When you see the big smiles on my children’s faces, you know they’re in a good place.”

BD4 Community Trust aims to improve the quality of life for the residents of East Bowling in Bradford and beyond. With support from GiveBradford they ran a Healthy Holidays programme for families with primary school aged children including a breakfast club, half a day of activities and a healthy packed lunch.