Meet Kianna

“I’ve been coming to Getaway Girls for over seven years now, I started when I was fourteen. I grew up around the area and my mum was familiar with the work Getaway Girls did; she really encouraged me to join in. I began by attending the culture group once a week. During the group, we would use different creative methods, like poetry and art, to showcase our identities.

There’s a lot of pressure for girls in society, it can feel over-whelming at times. That’s why it was so important to me to be able to go to a group like Getaway Girls as I felt understood. I can be completely open there. Some issues are gender specific, so it’s comforting to have a space where you can hear other girl’s perspectives.

One of the main issues young girls face is a lack of confidence. A lot of girls have so much potential but they’re not able to tap into it . They need support and to be given the right opportunities. Getaway Girls gave me this and it was exactly what I needed to learn about myself.

I went onto study Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) at university. Politics is something I have always been interested in and as a lot of MP’s have that degree, I knew it was the course I wanted to study. I’ve come full circle now as I work at Getaway Girls as a Hub Worker and the job fits nicely with my degree.

Getaway Girls have been instrumental in my politics journey. They connected me with the right people and opportunities I may never have had otherwise. They have helped to build my experience and take me to the next step of becoming a local councillor and then an MP. Houses of Parliament, here I come!”


Getaway Girls empowers girls and young women aged 11-25 to support each other to build confidence and resilience, raise aspirations and develop new skills. With support from Leeds Community Foundation they were able to set up the social enterprise ‘SNAPSHOTT’: hiring out 2 photo booths for events to raise funding support the work of Getaway Girls.