Meet Lanray

“I found out about the chapel when they were first renovating it in 2014. I did a summer broadcast course a few years later. It had everything I liked in terms of technology and products. I had the idea to do an African-themed radio show.  I’m from a Nigerian background and I asked one of the producers and they thought it was a great idea. He said it would be bringing something new to the station. It was very popular, there was always a group of people in the studio and the atmosphere was brilliant.

Last year I was doing some web design work for the Eilidh MacLeod Memorial Trust. After I’d finished, I wanted to give something back. If there’s one thing the mentoring programme taught me, it’s that you can do anything as long as you put your mind to it. So, I decided to run a music event here for the Trust.  It’s to remember the victims of the Manchester Arena bombing. For me, it wasn’t just to raise money for the charity but also show that love always wins.”


Chapel FM is a community arts organisation based in Seacroft that inspires individuals and communities to improve potential and achievement. With support from Leeds Community Foundation they were able to give young people the opportunity to produce their own radio show talking about issues and topics relevant to them, such as mental health, healthy living and identity.