Meet Louise

After I had my daughter I suffered from post-natal depression. I’d stay in my house a lot. There was only me and my children. For seven years I was just talking to my kids. I forgot what it was like to speak to adults. I remember the first time I had to speak. I’d sit really quiet, thinking ‘What am I supposed to say?’. And that wasn’t my personality. I used to be a holiday rep so I was used to being very confident and could talk to anybody.

Having nowhere in this area to go, I pushed for family learning. But I thought we needed more. I’d come to the LS14 Trust cafe to talk about various projects. I got involved in introducing family learning to the local area and they started doing different courses to tackle loneliness now part of the Self-Reliant Group ‘The Glitter Fairies’. It’s self-funding and we control what we do. It was the first one in Leeds, and with the Glitter Fairies, it’s about adding some fun and sparkle to people’s lives.”

Trust Leeds help people change their lives by building self-reliance, confidence and financial independence. With support from Leeds Community Foundation they were able to set up seven self-reliant groups creating a sustainable framework to address loneliness, self-reliance and financial resilience through purposeful friendship groups.