Meet Marie

“I had been off work due to ill health. I first came to LS14 Trust when I started to look for work again. I wanted help in applying online and I didn’t know anything about computers. They helped me search and write it all down. When I lost my husband about two years ago, I needed something to get me out of the house. They had a knitting group here which I joined. After the ten weeks, we all felt strongly about still meeting up, and that’s when Trust Leeds came and spoke to us about Self-Reliant Groups, and we set up the Glitter Fairies.”

“I’m the oldest fairy in the group. We’ve all got our own wings and colours. We hold events where we sell things we’ve made: hand craft items like cards and things. We all pay a small amount into the kitty every week and the money goes towards paying for anything we need. We all have different ideas and we’ll bring them to the group. For example, with our savings we bought a candy floss maker earlier this year. We use it at our events; it goes down a treat!  It supports the community and the people here. The SRG has helped me a lot and given me confidence and come out of myself. I’m proud.”

Trust Leeds help people change their lives by building self-reliance, confidence and financial independence. With support from Leeds Community Foundation they were able to set up seven self-reliant groups creating a sustainable framework to address loneliness, self-reliance and financial resilience through purposeful friendship groups.