Meet Ollie

“I did quite a lot of drama at secondary school; I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I had to have some time away from school due to mental health issues, so I wasn’t able to continue with it for quite some time. When I came to sound group here at SORM I had the opportunity to carry on. Not only that, I had a chance to do something meaningful with it. I really enjoyed the early brainstorming sessions; coming up with my character for the film. I wanted someone cause a stir.

That’s where my character, Scottie, came from, he’s loud and a bit of a bully, he projects himself as very straight and macho, but secretly he’s bisexual and he’s doing that to put people off. It was fun to play and really brought me out of myself.

I used to struggle with getting out of the house, so coming here really helped my motivation. For a lot of us in the project it’s an escape and it gives us a chance to forget about the outside world. We can be ourselves; have a laugh, enjoy ourselves and feel free. A lot of the young people may still be in the closet, or have homophobic or transphobic parents. Any chance to get away from that is always welcomed. It’s a positive step for a lot of them.

I’m non-binary and pan-sexual. Two things which you very rarely see representation for. All the characters in the film have canon sexualities and gender identities. With the time constraints, not all of them could be explored in the film. But it’s getting there.”

SORM (School of Rock and Media) uses music and multimedia as a tool to empower young people, building vital skills, heightening aspirations and tackling disengagement. With support from GiveBradford they developed  a piece of theatre, which involved young people working in creative ways to address the needs and voices of the LGBT+ community.