Meet Sally

“I lost my mum in 2013.  After that, I didn’t want to go out anywhere. I stayed at home a lot and I went into my shell for a long time. I’m autistic and I have a disability and it took me quite a long time for me to fight for the right support. But when People Matters started to support me, I changed. They got my confidence and got me out of my comfort zone, and I feel safe when I’m out and about with them. 

They also put you first before anything else and respect the person they’re supporting. I’ve not found that in many other organisations.  They’ve given me a lot of support about my mum and made me trust other people again and I’m more of a positive person.  

People Matters have supported me to be the person/the Sally that I want to be. I don’t have to mask my feelings anymore. Because I’m autistic, in the past I haven’t always expressed my feelings, so I’ve said I’m OK when I’m not OK, but being supported by People Matters means that I can say ‘No, I’m not OK today.’    

I would recommend them to my friends and people that I know, so if someone that I know wanted to change support providers or wanted to have support and they didn’t know where to turn, I would advise them to go to People Matters. 


People Matters work with local people experiencing significant disadvantage, to be more independent. With support from Leeds Community Foundation, they were able to provide Job Clubs with a difference for adults who face additional challenges resulting from long term unemployment, mild learning difficulties, autism or mental health issues.