Meet Sharon

“I’ve struggled all my life, since I was little.  I’ve had depression throughout. Last year, I didn’t go out of the house for six months and I closed myself off from the world. I was in a dark place. Nobody knew I was there. Eventually some people from the church came and talked me round, helped me.


Without the support of the Trust Leeds I’d still be in my dark place. I started in the knitting group called ‘Stitch up’ initially. Afterwards, we got together and started the Self-Reliant Group. I’m the group secretary. It helps me to understand what activities we’re doing next. I was very quiet when I first started, but now I can be the loudest. When we’re at our events with stalls, I shout a lot and it brings the people in. I create cards for all different occasions – Mother’s Day, Christenings, Christmas, etc. When I come here, I forget about my struggles. I used to think nobody cared but I’ve found people who help me. I’ve found my glitter family.”


Trust Leeds help people change their lives by building self-reliance, confidence and financial independence. With support from Leeds Community Foundation they were able to set up seven self-reliant groups creating a sustainable framework to address loneliness, self-reliance and financial resilience through purposeful friendship groups.