Meet Tesfaye

“I was a shepherd in my country, Eritrea. I looked after cattle in the desert. I fled there due to politics and religious freedom, it was dangerous for me to stay. I thought about where I could go but I don’t have any other family.

Initially, I moved to neighbouring Sudan for a few years. I lived in the Sahara Desert for a month and I had a lot of problems, there was no food or drink or a place to stay and it was very bad for me. Then I lived in Libya for a while, then Italy, France and the UK.

From 2015 I sought asylum here but my case failed. They refused my status even though my country is still unsafe, I had nowhere to go so I stayed with a friend for nine months. I lived with different people for different days and sometimes I slept outside in the park, I would go wherever I could.

For the past few months I’ve been well because of Hope Housing. They gave me a place to stay and they made me stronger. I promised myself, and after I could look after myself, I would help others just like how Hope Housing helped me. I keep myself busy helping people do odd jobs when I can.

My future is still unclear: I’m not allowed to work, I have no rights and I may be deported or put in a detention centre. I’m just waiting, it is stressful. But I am grateful that Hope Housing is here to help me and that things will work out.”


Hope Housing provides supported tenancies to enable homeless people to move into safe and supportive environments. With support from GiveBradford: they were able to create 12 extra bed spaces for additional homeless people.