Meet Wayne

“My story begins in 2010. I had a girlfriend; a good job and we were going to have a baby. Unfortunately, my daughter passed away hours after being born and it had a huge impact on me. It wasn’t immediate, the effects built up over time. I became an angrier person. Angry at the world and I took it out on the wrong people. I pushed everyone away.

I had a chip on my shoulder and eventually I lost my job, my family and my home. I was sleeping rough and ended up on a bridge. A young couple helped me and I ended up in a mental health hospital. The counsellor there was fantastic and for the first time in years I felt a connection. Someone genuinely wanted to listen and help.

I was introduced to Hope Housing after that. It does what it says on the tin: It’s hope and it gives you hope. At first, I was staying in hostels and now I’m in a shared house. Hope Housing allowed me to put some foundations down and understand how to run a home.  Something I never appreciated living with my partner.

Hope Housing are really understanding. They have found the right balance between support and providing the space when I need it. I like the safety net of knowing they are there. When things go wrong in my mind, I isolate myself. I’ve tried to take my life several times since. They realised this and made sure they were my connection to the world and they’ve allowed me to flourish as a person. They saved me.”


Hope Housing provides supported tenancies to enable homeless people to move into safe and supportive environments. With support from GiveBradford: they were able to create 12 extra bed spaces for additional homeless people.