Our 100 Club Supporters: Brawl

Martin Jones is Managing Director of Brawl Agency and a member of the Leeds Community Foundation’s 100 Club, a patronage scheme for individuals who are motivated to make a difference in Leeds. Here, he discusses what he loves about the city, the best lessons he has learned in business and what inspired him to join the 100 Club.

What is your favourite thing about Leeds?

It’s difficult to get it down to just one thing as there’s so many things that Leeds has got going for it. But, I think the one thing I love about Leeds is the ambition of the city and the people in it. Leeds is constantly growing, evolving and improving.

And that’s across loads of different things; retail, construction, education, TV, digital, the creative industry, etc. That doesn’t happen unless there’s an appetite for it and it’s great to see the momentum the city has, and long may it continue.

What’s your ideal day out in Leeds?

Start off with a nice coffee in the market and an early wander around some of the stalls looking at the amazing displays of fresh produce, then a stroll around a few choice shops in Leeds, but not too many. Then a nice leisurely lunch in one of the many eateries, washed down with a local pint, or two.

What is the best lesson you have learnt in business?

I was told in one of my first ever roles that if speaking is silver, then listening is gold. That’s stuck with me for a long time and anyone that knows me, knows I can talk, a lot. But, when it comes to business we need to listen first and foremost.

What single thing do you think could help the city?

There’s some amazing businesses based in Leeds, and that’s been furthered by the likes of Sky and Channel 4 investing in the city. It’s great to see those types of organisations seeing the positives of being here and it delivers benefits through business, employment, commercial growth, etc. so it would be good to see that continue.

What inspired you to join the 100 Club?

It’s a great initiative that does amazing things in and around the city and it’s nice to play our part, to contribute and to give back.

What community issues are important to you?

Access to opportunities is a thing I feel passionate about. Making sure people with skills and passion have the chance to learn, to develop, grow and achieve their ambitions.

Leeds is well established for different industries, whether that be digital, creative, TV, etc. So what can the industry and businesses within the city do to help the next generations find opportunities and enable them to go on to achieve great things.