Healthy Holidays Activities in Hunslet

Hunslet Club delivers a range of activities to children and young people providing an extensive programme of sports, arts and other activities. The Healthy Holidays programme, they ran a summer activity scheme, the club tells us more…

In a nutshell, could you tell us what your Leeds Community Foundation funded project involves?

Leeds Community Foundation supported our Healthy Holiday Scheme. We have been running summer activity camps for many years and try to keep our cost to parents as low as possible, unfortunately even this is too much for some families and they miss out. The grant from LCF has enabled us to support families who otherwise would miss out on their children being entertained and kept active through the summer holidays.

Why is this kind of support so vital, what’s the need and what might be the situation if the support you offer didn’t exist?

Without this kind of support from LCF young people would miss out spending time with other young people in a safe and friendly space. The programme offers them activities in sport, arts, drama and dance, they also bake and make their own food and a well equipped kitchen.

Could you share a rewarding moment you’ve had so far? Is there a particular story you could share from a beneficiary you’ve helped?

Our scheme is City wide so some young people don’t know anybody when they first arrive, we have seen many shy, quiet young people lacking confidence walk through our door on thei first day and within a couple of days see them socializing and laughing with their new friends.

What made you apply for a Foundation grant, what difference has the funding from the Foundation made?

We applied for the grant because we recognise that whilst we can subsidize and support some young people we cannot do it for the most needy. The grant has allowed us to reach young people who need our support the most.