The Liz and Terry Bramall Foundation Fund

Grant size: Up to £5,000

Location: Leeds & Bradford

Deadline: 19/12/2019 at 12 noon

The Liz and Terry Bramall Foundation Fund

Leeds Community Foundation and GiveBradford is delighted to be partnering with the Liz and Terry Bramall Foundation to support community groups and enterprises to improve the health, wellbeing and life chances of local people in the communities of greatest need.

  • Grant size: Up to £5,000
  • Location: Leeds and Bradford
  • Deadline: Thursday 19th December 2019 at 12 noon

The Fund is seeking applications from groups which are delivering innovative activities and services that focus on Physical Health and Wellbeing.  Successful applicants will be required to demonstrate their impact as part of the Fund reporting and evaluation.


Who can apply?

Community groups, charities, social enterprises or other charitable organisations from the voluntary sector that:

  • Have a constitution or other relevant governance document
  • Have a management committee/board of directors/trustees of at least three unrelated people
  • Have a bank account under the name of the group with at least two unrelated signatories (if your organisation doesn’t have its own bank account, but does meet all of the other criteria, please contact us to discuss how we can work around this)
  • Are based in or supporting people in the Bradford Metropolitan District Area and or the Leeds Metropolitan District Area
  • Have an income of £100,000 or under in the most recent financial year
  • Have not received a grant from the Liz and Terry Bramall Foundation in the 12 months before 19/12/2019.


Size of Grant

The minimum request is £500. The maximum is £5,000.

Whilst the grant can be used to part-fund a wide range of activities, we like to see the impact our support is having.  Accordingly, we will only consider applications for at least 50% of the total cost.


What can the Fund support?

In this round, we want to fund organisations or projects focused on improving Physical Health and Wellbeing.  This includes:

  • Increasing physical activity
  • Improving nutrition
  • Reducing substance misuse
  • Improving self-care for people with physical health conditions

In all of our grants, we want to support communities in greatest need and address the health inequalities which exist across Leeds and Bradford.  Applicants must be able to show that they are addressing a specific need in their community.  We’re looking to fund practical projects that provide real, tangible impact.


Types of activities that can be funded

We deliberately haven’t specified the types of activities we want to fund: we believe in third sector organisations’ expertise in the communities you serve.  We are keen to support evidence-based activities, but we are also open to funding pilots or innovations to ensure learning and expertise can increase further.

Both capital and revenue costs can be considered, so long as they are directly relevant to the activities being delivered.

We are open to funding the core costs of smaller organisations, where the organisation is focused on improving the physical health and wellbeing of people in Leeds and/or Bradford.  However, bear in mind that we want to fund at least 50% of the full costs, so we would not make a small contribution to the core costs of a larger organisation.  If you are applying for a particular project, do be sure to consider the full costs of the project, including relevant overheads like rent and utilities.

Evaluation costs can be included as part of the application to ensure the project can effectively report on the required impact.



Grants will not be awarded to or for:

  • For-profit organisations, statutory organisations (e.g. schools and hospitals) or overseas organisations
  • Retrospective funding (activity and costs that have already taken place)
  • Grant-making to other organisations and/or individuals
  • Activity targeted at a particular group (ethnic, gender, religious etc.) without a good justification for this
  • Activity that promotes a particular political or religious point of view
  • Activity primarily for the benefit of animals
  • Organisations that have income over £100,000 in the most recent financial year
  • Individuals


When can you apply?

The fund opens on the Thursday 7 November 2019 and the deadline to apply is Thursday 19 December 2019, 12 noon. Funding will be awarded in late February 2020.


How do you apply for a grant?

To apply you need to complete an online application form available at the end of this document.   You will also need to submit a signed copy of the organisation’s governance document, signed copy of accounts, and list of name and addresses of management committee/board members. Copies of safeguarding policy documents will be requested if applicable.

We expect this programme to be highly oversubscribed so we strongly recommend you also seek alternative sources of funding for your project to avoid disappointment.

If you’re successful, you’ll also need to sign a funding agreement document and provide a signed copy of your organisation’s most recent bank statement.

To start filling in the online form, click the Apply Now button to the left of this page. We strongly suggest you submit your application at your earliest opportunity. Incomplete applications will not be considered.


What happens after you’ve applied?

We will acknowledge the receipt of your application within five working days.  We will then assess your application and may need to contact you and your referee during this time.  If your application is shortlisted, it will then be submitted to an awards panel for further consideration. We’ll tell you their decision as soon as possible after they’ve met.

If you are successful, the grant letter/e-mail will include any additional conditions set by the panel and/or the grant payment and a grant funding agreement you will need to sign. The grant must be spent within 12 months of the date of our letter confirming the grant. You must also complete an end of grant report telling us how the grant has been spent and what was achieved. The deadline for doing so will be specified in your offer letter. Please note that failure to provide appropriate monitoring information will exclude your organisation from applying to future grants schemes.

If your bid is not successful, we will let you know the reasons for declining it. Please note we have limited funding available and we are not able to fund every application we receive, no matter how deserving the project is. The decisions made by the grants panel are final.



If your application is successful, you will be required to credit support from the Liz and Terry Bramall Foundation Fund and Leeds Community Foundation, on all materials related to the funded work. Successful projects will be required to be available for a potential monitoring visit from funders.


To Apply

Click the Apply Now button to the left of this page for the online application.

If you require more information about this fund please contact Leeds Community Foundation on 0113 242 2426 or email


A PDF of this information is available to download here.