Meet Go Higher West Yorkshire

Meet Go Higher West Yorkshire  

Go Higher West Yorkshire are a partnership of 12 Higher Education providers across the county that help increase the number of young people aged 13-19 progressing into Higher Education from targeted areas across West Yorkshire. 

Why set up a Named Fund?

We knew that we wanted to reach out to more community organisations than we had been able to link with through our project (National Collaborative Outreach Programme) and wanted to ensure that local and grass roots organisations were able to shape activity and engagement with key groups (parents/carers and young people in targeted areas of West Yorkshire) with our aims.

However, we also recognised we only had a short time to be able to do so. As a project, we also didn’t have the depth of knowledge to do so across such a broad area, or the capacity to be able to closely manage and administrate a grants awarding process in the time scales we had.

Why Leeds Community Foundation?

From first meeting in our tender process we knew that the Foundation had a strong knowledge and their links go beyond just one area of West Yorkshire. Leeds Community Foundation are realistic, adaptable, and have a broad, shared knowledge. 

With the day to day support of the Foundation’s team, we have been in safe hands – it has been an extremely straightforward and positive experience throughout and one that has felt like a partnership – sharing knowledge, experiences, and supporting the community groups applying for grants together.

To date The Go Higher West Yorkshire Fund has distributed over £128,000 in grants and supported 14 community projects across the region.