Meet the Clarke Family

Meet the Clarke Family 

The Clarke Family have supported social enterprises and innovative projects through their Named Fund. They are currently funding the salaries of Community Connectors’ to pilot a Neighbourliness project that will address social isolation of older people in local communities across Leeds.


What do you love about Leeds?

Vibrant and diverse, Leeds has continued to grow, welcoming new businesses and developments to the skyline. We love the green spaces that Leeds has to offer, which make it a great place for spending time with your family whilst enjoying the outdoors.


Why did you set up a Named Fund with Leeds Community Foundation?

We wanted to give something back to the city which had been good to us. We were looking for a way to help local community projects that were doing good work beyond the few charities we already knew about.

We were introduced to Leeds Community Foundation and their knowledge and professionalism made it easy to set up our Fund. It’s great to have a say over your personal giving and learn about the groups that are supporting your local community — it’s also something our whole family can ultimately get involved with.