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Meet Isha

“You can’t imagine the change the group brings into my family and the change it brings to everyone else who comes. When you see the big smiles on my children’s faces, you know they’re in a good place”

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Our 100 Club Supporters: Brawl

“Access to opportunities is a thing I feel passionate about. Making sure people with skills and passion have the chance to learn, to develop, grow and achieve their ambitions.”

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Meet Gemma

“I started going to the classes; it’s great energy and fun. The classes appeal to a wide range of people – different age groups and background. It’s a nice community.”

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Meet Lanray

“I found out about the chapel when they were first renovating it in 2014. I did a summer broadcast course a few years later. It had everything I liked in terms of technology and products.”

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Meet Aaron

“I edited a few videos and now I volunteer editing videos, blogs, promos and any social media activities. It was always something I wanted to get into and SORM was able to give me the opportunity”

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