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Our 100 Club Supporters: Nigel Shaw

“As a long established Leeds business we place great emphasis on “giving something back” to the places where we are based – the 100 Club just ticks all the right boxes for us and it’s a great opportunity to meet our peers and discuss wider Leeds issues.”

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Meet Kianna

“Getaway Girls have been instrumental in my politics journey. They connected me with the right people and opportunities I may never have had otherwise.”

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Meet Leigh

“I felt like I’d been thrown into exactly what I needed at the time and I gained confidence in myself.”

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Meet Shirlena

“The atmosphere is wonderful and it’s fun and I can be myself. I don’t have to pretend to be somebody else and worry.”

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Meet Ben

“Being on the course helped me to gain my self-confidence back. I would speak out in groups more. That was a massive thing which I didn’t expect.”

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