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Meet Louise

“I got involved in introducing family learning to the local area and they started doing different courses to tackle loneliness and I’m now part of the Self-Reliant Group ‘The Glitter Fairies'”

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An Equine Approach to Support

“Through learning to build a relationship with a horse children are empowered to take control of themselves in many ways, They do this by learning how to take control of their physical and mental state…”

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Educating Young People Through Multimedia

“The need for the project was borne out of finding impactful ways for young people to express themselves through the arts and explore issues that impact upon their daily lives with a focus on the ‘street’ environments…”

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Meet Oliver

“I used to be more reserved going to places with him as he doesn’t particularly like loud noises or going to busy places, but when we come here; we know the staff and always feel welcomed.”

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Meet Pareesha

“My dance classes are about creating a safe space for people to be free. I want people to channel their feelings and express themselves. We don’t need words, just feeling.”

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Meet Garron

“Being a LGBT+ person is never going to be easy. You’re always going to have to fight. You’re going to have to be a warrior.”

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