Our Impact

Creating a city of opportunity for all

We have distributed over £42 million in grants to date across Leeds and Bradford, enabling positive change in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in our communities.

We distribute grants, share advice and use our specialist knowledge to help community projects thrive, so they can make an even greater impact and create opportunities for people to be Healthy and Well, Work and Learn, Thrive and Be Safe, and Experience and Play.

Our Impact 2018/2019

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Our Story: 2018/2019

We’ve had a busy year with many exciting and significant highlights. Click below to read Our Story 2018/2019 and learn more about the impact we’ve had, as well as hear directly from some of our beneficiaries.

Investing in our communities

While many of our grants are given to citywide projects, others are focused on specific areas, as shown. This year, we also distributed grants in Wakefield and the North East of England, thanks to some of our national funders.

Our Stories

Meet George

“It’s like a special club here and it’s lovely, we all have something in common. This is our family now and we couldn’t be happier.”

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Meet Cecilia

“I come to the friendship and singing groups here. I love coming here, they keep me busy and help me to learn.”

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Meet Ollie

“For a lot of us in the project it’s an escape and it gives us a chance to forget about the outside world. We can be ourselves; have a laugh, enjoy ourselves and feel free…”

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