Meet Aftab

Meet Aftab


“The male group at HAMARA has been running for over twenty years.  The group was set up to help them in their daily lives.  Most of them didn’t have any home help with no one to take them to hospital appointments or access local services.

A lot of them didn’t have anywhere to go or anywhere to integrate with their surroundings or anyone to talk to; it can be quite demoralising being stuck at home. So the group helps them get out for a few hours, we have walking sessions and trips for example.  The group is important in talking things out, especially for men sometimes.

Originally, I was part of the committee to set up the group.  I became involved in the community after taking a police advisor role.  Most of my career I had worked on the railway as a train guard, but I saw an opportunity to build something more worthwhile.  I had already created an Asian Parents Action group, which consisted of three groups: Sikh, Bangladesh and Pakistani communities.  It was the first time in England these three communities came together; working together to help each other.”

Hamara Healthy Living Centre brings communities together by providing information, advice and community activities to increase cohesiveness.  Funding from Leeds Community Foundation has supported luncheon clubs, outreach and befriending services and health and well-being projects


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