Meet Mary

Meet Mary

“I came to live in Holbeck after getting married.  I met my husband at work.  We both worked for Kay’s, which was in Marshall Mills at the time.  It was fun working there; I had the time of my life.  I’ve lived in the same house for over fifty years.  I’ve seen the area change.  When I first moved here the high street was full of shops.  It had everything we needed; we didn’t have to go into town.

I used to sit at home, alone, until I got going here.  I’ve been coming to Holbeck Elderly Aid for about 18 years now.  I’ve got a lot to thank these for.  They’ve got me out; they have trips and social events.  I have a busy life, for an 81 year old!  On a Monday I go to see my daughter.  I’ll come here (to Holbeck Elderly Aid) on a Tuesday for coffee morning.  I’ll stay for dinner and we’re starting to have singing lessons again in the afternoon.  On a Wednesday I go to Ingham Court with Elderly Aid.  They have different activities; we played Bingo last week and we’re watching a film this week.  On Thursday and Friday I’m here again.   And on Saturday I’m in South Leeds at another support group for the elderly.  And Sunday is my day of rest.

I try to encourage my friends to come out.  One of my friends won’t go out of her house.  I told her she’s missing out on a lot of things.  But some people don’t want to bother.  That’s not me; I have to look after myself.  They do marvellous things here; I couldn’t do without them.”

Having received a Power of Communities grant from Leeds Community Foundation , Holbeck Elderly Aid were able to provide an out-of-hours volunteer-led befriending and call service for isolated older people as well as a therapeutic Wellbeing Space helping people to take ownership of, and be active contributors to their own health.

Holbeck Elderly Aid works with communities to strengthen existing relationships and resources, keep older people socially and physically active, empowering them to make more informed choices and live longer.


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