Meet Sam

Meet Sam

“I’ve lived in Leeds all my life. I live close to the community centre. I originally used to come here when they had bingo on. I had family that lived on the estate, and we used to come here maybe twice a week. I love coming here, it’s something different. It’s somewhere to go and meet different people. It’s local, not very far, and people are here to talk to. They also hold a lot of club activities, for people to get involved. Things like arts and crafts, knit and natter, music and singing sessions and the private and confidential groups.

The groups helped me a lot when I was married. I was in an abusive relationship and I got a lot of support through here. Especially through my divorce. They helped me move forward and have brought me on leaps and bounds. People have noticed the change in me. I’m a lot happier and content.

A lot of people rely on this place. Whether it’s to sort out a problem or just to have a chat. The community centre really brings people together. There are people who have got together because of this place. This is the heart of the community. It’s just brilliant!”

New Wortley Community Centre is a vibrant community space for local people, providing much needed educational, social and support opportunities in the area. Having received a Leeds Fund Strategic Grant from the Foundation, they were able to engage local people struggling with mental health issues and social isolation with counselling services, group therapy and home support.

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