Meet Stefan

Meet Stefan  


“Before I got to know about CATCH, I was a bit of a bad boy. It was especially bad when I didn’t understand the language. I didn’t know the rules or who to follow. I got into fights defending my brother and I disrespected everyone.


The first time I came here, I remember it was busy, with lots of people. I didn’t know what was going on; my English wasn’t very good back then. But I began to come here every day and I liked being here. People from all different backgrounds, getting on and having fun. I started helping out and volunteering with basic duties.


Soon, my English improved and I was helping others out; giving advice and translating for them. I really enjoy doing that. That’s my favourite part of being here. Because I know what it’s like being in their position, not understanding or knowing what to do sometimes. Also, I’m like a role model to a lot of the younger boys and girls; especially my cousins and nephews. It makes me proud of how I’ve been able to change myself, to help others. And not just here, I help my parents out with letters and papers they get. They see I’ve changed and they tell me they’re really proud of me – it’s nice to hear that.”


CATCH is a volunteer led organisation based in Harehills that works to raise the aspirations of local young people. The Foundation supported the organisation through a Healthy Holidays grant, enabling attendees to broaden their food horizons and gender attitudes towards cooking, as well as offer a nutritious meals to over 90 young people that attend their weekly Youth Club.

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