What We’ve Funded: The Leeds Fund Micro Grants 2018

The Leeds Fund Micro Grants 2018

September 2018:

Armley Free Little Library

Marcy Lamont

Thahmina Begum

August 2018:

The Bronte Lauryn Foundation

Equal Shield CIC

 Heading Onwards


July 2018:

 Back to Front

Amina Weston

 Louise Bentley

Memory Lane Cafe


March 2018:

Zena Finlay

James Burleigh


February 2018:

Nattylyn Jeffers

Lee Jackson

Loran Lewis

Joanne Fiddes

Tamsin Cook

Kaytlin Tompson


January 2018:

Shaheen al-Ghofari

Maraly Barber

Lisa Bourne

Kamran Khan

Michael Gaughan